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Do you want to send your elected representatives a message?  Perhaps about cuts to SNAP (food stamp) benefits?

Well, good.  You can send the same or very similar message to six elected people, all of whom represent you.  A two sentence message is as impactful as several paragraphs.  Hint:  take a look at Matthew 25: 34-45   Matthew25 NIV – The Parable of the Ten Virgins – “At – Bible Gateway

Every elected person listed below maintains staff, who read and tally every communication that they receive, and then the staff report the number and content of the messages received to the elected person whom they serve.  Most have a routine along the lines of when x number of messages or letters on a particular topic are received, the Member will make a public statement about the issue.

So, yes:  elected people pay attention to letters.  And perhaps getting “a load off of your chest” may make you feel good, in addition.

  • Here are six, or fewer, easy steps to take by using your computer or smart device.

  STEP ONE.  You can send a message to the President of the United States.  Just click on this link: Contact Us | The White House

  STEP TWO.  You can send a message to your U.S. Senator(s).  Just click on either or both of these links:

Dianne Feinstein                     E-Mail Me – United States Senator for California (senate.gov)

Alex Padilla                                Home » Senator Alex Padilla (senate.gov)

  STEP THREE.  You can find out the name of your Member of Congress.  Just enter your home address at this link:  Find Your Representative | house.gov

  • Advance to Step Four if you already know who your Member of Congress is.

  STEP FOUR.  You can send a message to your Member of Congress.  Choose the one who represents you in the table below.

District House Member Hot Link to Send Message
38 Sanchez (Dem) Contact | Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (house.gov)
40 Kim (Rep) Contact | Representative Young Kim (house.gov)
45 Steel (Rep) Contact | Representative Michelle Steel (house.gov)
46 Correa (Dem) Contact | U.S. Congressman Lou Correa of California (house.gov)
47 Porter (Dem) Contact | U.S. Representative Katie Porter (house.gov)
48 Issa (Rep) Contact | Representative Darrell Issa (house.gov)
49 Levin (Dem) U.S. Congressman Mike Levin (house.gov)
50 Peters (Dem) Contact | Representative Darrell Issa (house.gov)

  STEP FIVE.   You can find out the name of your California State Senator, and your Member of the California Assembly.  Just enter your home address at this link:   Find Address (ca.gov)

  • Advance to Step Six if you already know who your State Senator and State Assembly member are.

  STEP SIX.  You can send a message to your California State Senator, and/or your California Member of the Assembly.  Choose the one(s) who represent you in the tables below.

District Senate


Hot Link to Send Message
29 Newman (D) Contact Me – Senator Josh Newman (ca.gov)
32 Archuleta (D) Contact Me – Assemblymember Phillip Chen (ca.gov)
34 Umberg (D) Contact Me – Senator Thomas J. Umberg (ca.gov)
36 Bates (R) Contact Me – Senator Patricia C. Bates (ca.gov)
37 Min (D) Contact Me – Senator Dave Min (ca.gov)
District Assembly


Hot Link to Send Message
67 Quirk-Silva (D) Contact Me – Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva (ca.gov)
68 Valencia (D) Contact Me – Assemblymember Avelino Valencia (ca.gov)
72 Dixon (R) Contact Me – Assemblymember Diane Dixon (ca.gov)
73 Petrie-Norris (D) Contact Me – Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris (ca.gov)
74 Davies (R) Contact Me – Assemblymember Laurie Davies (ca.gov)

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