Irma Rosales is the Director of the Irvine United Congregational Church Early Childhood Center. Her love for children and her commitment to the school led her to this position.
Irma has over nine years of experience in her field.Irma’s responsibility is to oversee the development of each child in the program. From early on in her career, she understood just how important it was for young children to gain a strong sense of self. Here at IUCC, she and her staff of seven foster each child towards the goal, by focusing on the “whole” child.The entire staff feels that this philosophy helps their students develop balance, which will give them a strong foundation on which to learn.

The center has a strong curriculum, as Irma and her staff feel that it is important that children attain the skills needed for kindergarten. Aside from academics, they also spend a great deal of time teaching social skills, sharing, language development, and conflict-management. Irma and her teachers work hard to maintain a positive learning environment that is fun and enjoyable for all.

As director and a mother herself, Irma looks forward to many years of happiness and fulfillment in watching the students of IUCC’s preschool grow in knowledge and self-confidence.

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