Rev. Dr. Sarah Halverson-Cano

The Rev. Dr. Sarah Halverson-Cano
Senior Pastor

949-733-0220 (Church office)


Office hours: Monday-Thursday, times may vary due to evening meetings so call to confirm..

The Rev. Steve Swope
Administrative Pastor

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David Perez

David Perez (he/him/his)
Director, Ministry with Young People

Cell/Text: 847.226.5461

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Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson
Director of Music

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Irma Rosales
Early Childhood Center

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Heidi Willcox

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Josh Chandra

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Pastors emeritus

The Rev. Dr. Paul G. Tellström

The Rev. Fred Plumer

Church officers

  • Moderator: Tricia Aynes
  • Chair of the Administration Board: Daniel Blackburn
  • Chair of the Ministries Board: Felicity Figueroa
  • Treasurer: Mark Allen
  • Clerk of the Administration Board: Laura Palen
  • Clerk of the Ministries Board: Karolyn Fencl
  • Congregational Representative: Dorothy Duncan, Penny Portillo, Jon Ingal

Ministry and committee chairs

  • Adult Programs: Eduardo Arismendi-Pardi
  • Advocates for Peace and Justice: Dave Smith
  • Congregational Care: Cheryl Arismendi and Lorraine Fox
  • Deacons: Cheryl Trobiani
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Lesli Mitchell, Jenna McCarty, and Eduardo Arismendi-Pardi
  • Fellowship: Brian Pearcy-Schofield
  • Hospitality: Teri Olson and Alex Ingal
  • Mission and Service: Steve Goetz and Sharon Lynn
  • Music: Pat Sauter
  • Membership: Matt Mirmak and Randy Romine
  • Communications: Cindy O’Dell
  • Stephen Ministry: Janet Johnson and Jeanne Maag
  • Worship: Craig Tyrl
  • Youth and Young People: Shanthi Nataraj and Lauren Louie
  • Youth Representative: Vacant
  • Building and Grounds: Teri Houston
  • Bylaws: Anne Rosse
  • Child Care Committee: Keith Boyum
  • Fund Development: Renae Boyum
  • Human Resources: Dale Vaughan
  • Technology: Vacant

Pastoral Search Committee 2019-20

Eduardo Arismendi-Pardi, Tricia Aynes, Keith Boyum, Connie Jones, Aidan Mitchell, Craig Tyrl, and Ken Wyant

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