As a Creation Justice church, we at IUCC affirm the divine gifts of creation. We affirm our connection to God, each other, and the world around us; therefore, we commit ourselves as individuals and as a congregation to the intertwined responsibilities of caring for the environment and seeking justice for those experiencing human suffering due to the abuses of creation. We desire that these deeply felt commitments be reflected in all the dimensions of our congregation’s life, as well as reaching out beyond the walls of this church. At the annual meeting on May 21, 2017, our congregation voted to approve such commitments.

As a Creation Justice church we commit to:

  • Bring theological understandings of environmental care and justice into our worship services
  • Integrate care for the environment into all our institutional life and practice as well as into our building and land use
  • Research and inform our church about environmental issues at local, state, national, and/or global levels
  • Connect to a broader movement, with other UCC groups and organizations outside the UCC

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