What you need to know about voting on or before Nov. 3

From Rev. Terry LePage, who has supported voter education with the League of Women Voters and the OC Registar of Voters. This information applies to Orange County, where our voting system is very secure and robust.

Every registered voter in Orange County will get a ballot mailed to them on October 5. 

You can return that ballot in three ways:

  1. By US mail, no stamps needed, postmarked by Nov. 3, Election Day.
  2. Or you can drop your ballot off at one of over 100 ballot drop boxes up until 8 p.m. on Election day. 
  3. Or you can hand your ballot in at any of over 100 Vote Centers in Orange County. Vote centers will be open for five days from Friday, Oct. 30, through Election Day, Nov. 3. Do not give your ballot to a person you don’t know to deliver.

You can follow the processing of your ballot online.  Be sure to sign the outside of your ballot.  A missing signature is the most common cause of spoiled mail-in ballots.  If you misplace your ballot, or like to vote in person, or if you are registering to vote at the last minute, you can vote in person at any Vote Center in the county.

Vote Centers will be as COVID-safe as possible.  Vote Centers are replacing a larger number of traditional polling places, so some may have long lines on election day.  So if you want to vote in person, vote up to four days BEFORE election day!

You can register to vote or update your address at registertovote.ca.gov. You can check your registration at ocvote.com/vlt.

Closer to the election, you will find vote centers and ballot drop boxes at ocvote.com/faqs, and candidate information at votersedge.org.

Local elections matter.  Educate yourselves about local elections as you are able (ask me or one of your other politically active friends), and please personally encourage and accompany new voters in this crucial election. 

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