Two new choral interns keep IUCC’s traditions alive

At IUCCm we love our choral interns! While we hate to see any of them leave when they graduate or have other obligations, it’s also a pleasure to welcome new people.

Jaime Reza, choral intern
Jaime Reza

This January, tenor Jaime Reza and soprano Brandi Birdsong became the newest additions to the IUCC choral program under the direction of Dr. Christopher Peterson.

Brandi Birdsong, choral intern
Brandi Birdsong

Both are currently students at Cal State Fullerton where they have performed in a variety of concerts, operas and musical productions. Brandi previously performed in the 2019 Winter Concert at IUCC (and even danced a little as one of five gold rings). They join continuing choral intern Jacob Hall (alto) and along with Dr. Peterson and accompanist Joshua Chandra will provide the majority of the music each Sunday while we continue to meet as an online-only church.

Once the full choir is able to meet and sing in person, Jaime and Brandi will help their sections learn and perform the music that is so important to IUCC church services.

For more information about the choir and the choral interns, see the January newsletter. To be part of the virtual choir, recording from home about once a month, contact Dr. Peterson at

You can watch soprano Brianna Finnell’s touching thank to IUCC.

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