Tips for watching livestream videos on Facebook Live

Here are a few tips we hope will make watching Sunday services easier to view via Facebook Live. Your own connection (WiFi or otherwise) may also affect your ability to easily watch as could possible settings you’ve activated on your browser. Unfortunately, it’s hard to anticipate all of those.

  • You do not need to belong to Facebook to view the video on a computer (laptop or otherwise), although that might make it easier. Facebook will suggest you join but you can ignore that. You may have to scroll down slightly to see the video. Go directly to
  • Click on the video to expand it. That should also activate the sound (look for the sound📢symbol and click on it if it has a slash through it).
  • To view from a phone or tablet, using the Facebook App is preferable. However, you should be able to view it from a web browser just as you would from a computer if you log in. The option for viewing without logging in from a phone doesn’t seem to work.
  • Because we’re using an iPhone to create the livestream, we can’t create a “coming soon” post that then becomes the video. It’s not us. It’s Facebook. We will do a separate post reminding people when it will start.
  • It takes a few minutes for the livestream to begin. We’ll try to have some silent video of the flowers before Josh starts playing the prelude in case you tune in early. A few people had problems last week because of the delay so we’re hoping that solves it.
  • We were learning on the fly last week, so we’re hoping we’ll have improved sound and less motion this week!
  • You can create a Watch Party from your page. Here are the instructions if you want to watch with friends and family and comment within your group. Find out more here:
  • You can turn off comments from other people if you find them distracting (look for the 💬or conversation bubble – location may vary).
  • The video will also be shared simultaneously with the Group Page for Irvine United Congregational Church, which is a private group. Feel free to request membership.
  • Shortly after the service, the video will be added to IUCC home page,


  1. Tom Silk says

    I want to Acknowledge spaceCindy For the tremendous amount of work she has offered to keep our church ministry going. I live in Laguna woods now with no car so the video ministry is perfect for me to stay connected.
    A very Heartfelt and warm thank you Cindy,
    Tom Silk

    • Cindy O'Dell says

      Thank you! We’re all in this together.

  2. Sandy says

    Cindy, you are a blessing! You are so generous, and so smaht!! Thanks, Sandy Sudweeks

  3. Michael says

    You are so generous and so talented! I see your hard work on the website and I am so happy that IUCC has been blessed with you and your gifts. Thank you always, for who you are, and for the many gifts that you share.

  4. Kelly says

    Do you mind if I adapt this for our church? You’ve done a great job!

    • Cindy O'Dell says

      Feel free to borrow or adapt!

      • kelly says

        Thanks so much! God bless your ministry as we navigate this crazy season!

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