Women of the Bible theme for 2019 Women at Pilgrim Pines

Retreat participants in 2018. This year’s theme will be “Stories Untold: Women of the Bible.”

The Rev. Jennifer Strickland from Claremont UCC will be the facilitator for the 2019 IUCC Women’s Retreat at Pilgrim Pines on May 3-5. The theme will be “Stories Untold:  Women of the Bible.” Look for the registration table on the patio through April 14 or sign up online.

The Rev. Jennifer Strickland (Claremont UCC) will lead the IUCC 2019 Women’s Retreat at Pilgrim Pines.

We will look at different women in the Bible, including obscure women, read their stories and ask questions:  How are these women subverting the system? How might this text and woman’s story guide us today?

Rev. Jen will incorporate a personal reflection aspect to the retreat during which she will lead participants in journaling, making art, writing prayers, and sharing their own personal stories of triumph, heartache, challenges, and future hopes.

The goal will be to use the narratives of the women found in Scripture as a framework for us to tell our own stories with honesty and openness.

Look for the Women’s Fellowship table on the patio on March 31, April 7 and April 14 to register.


  1. Diane says

    I’d like to sign up for the 2022 women’s retreat.

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