Steve Swope named administrative pastor

Longtime administrator Michael Spindle will be leaving at the end of June.  As difficult as it will be to replace him, the answer was under our own nose.  Michael worked very well with Steve Swope, and he was sure that Steve would be a good “fit.”  Our moderator, Renae, Admin Board Chair, Dave Schofield, and other leaders as well saw the wisdom in this potential hire.  A job description was drafted, and soon we had an interesting possibility.

Celebrate Michael Spindle’s 18 years of service to IUCC on Sunday, June 24, 12:15 p.m. Plumer Hall.

Fortunately, Steve liked the possibility as well.

On June 15, the Rev. Steve Swope will be our full-time, “Administrative Pastor.”  He has been hired (not “called”) to oversee the running of our facilities and to give guidance to our Adult Ed programs.  This work is expected to take 75% and 25% of his time, respectively.

By creating the position of an “Administrative Pastor,” we honor Steve’s status as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. IUCC is fortunate to have such a detail-oriented and organizational wizard working with me on the staff.

So, does that mean we now have three pastors on staff?  Yes…and No.  Here is a subtle distinction that needs to be made.  Sarah and I are the “on-call” pastors.  If I am away, Sarah is the next pastor to call.

Steve is very much with us, but he is sitting on the other side of the workings of the church.  He will be seated on the administrative end, working more closely with Heidi, our bookkeeper.  Of course, his ordained status is honored in his staff title, and you will see him in worship from time to time.

I am honored to work with such a capable individual as Steve.  I’m happy to spend time with Steve and Mary, and I know you will love them even more, as he becomes more present on our campus.  Welcome, Steve!

— Pastor Paul


  1. Bonnie Shaffstall says

    Hi Steve,
    Now that Paul is gone, I am anxious to meet our interim pastor. When will he be introduced to the congregation & when will he be preaching?
    Thanks so much Steve,
    Bonnie Shaffstall

    • Cindy O'Dell says

      Pastor Dave will be introduced on June 2 and plans to preach on June 9.

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