Special Programs & Events

In addition to our regular curriculum activities, we offer a variety of special events throughout the year. Some activities may vary, so please check our monthly calendar for updates.

  • Multicultural family holiday program
  • Holiday gift store
  • Thanksgiving feast
  • Tap dance & gymnastics (once a week)
  • Yoga fun
  • Pre-kindergarten walking field trips
  • Summer water play days
  • Picnics
  • School photos
  • Scholastic Book orders
  • Multicultural family sharing
  • Pre-kindergarten graduation celebration

Nutrition Program

The ECC offers a hot breakfast and hot lunch, which the ECC cook prepares with fresh ingredients in our on-site kitchen. In addition, we offer an afternoon snack each day. This nutrition program is currently included in the tuition. Daily menus for each month are posted in the ECC office area.

Our nutrition program promotes healthy eating habits and good nutrition. A variety of foods are offered to increase the children’s awareness and experience with different food groups and various ethnic groups. We use fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products, and our menus follow the national health and safety performance guidelines established for early childhood education programs.

Our children also get a chance to prepare food.

All meals are served family style with teachers sitting with the children to encourage conversation and good table manners. According to their abilities, children serve themselves and help to clean up after the meal or snack. Children are encouraged to try all foods, but are never forced to eat anything.

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