At the Early Childhood Center (ECC), we are committed to preparing your child to enter Kindergarten with confidence and enthusiasm. We achieve this goal through meaningful, fun activities everyday based on the way young children learn best: through play and personal interactions with others, including caring adults. School readiness touches on every area of your child’s development, and we design our program with specific goals in mind in each of these areas, based on your child’s age and individual needs. Our staff is always available to answer your questions about school readiness.

We assist children to learn new ideas and introduce them to math and science. Children learn the basics of numerical identification and scientific exploration.

HOW? Creating art projects and science experiments; enjoying music and cooking projects; learning about cause and effect, colors and shapes, and weather; using trial and error.

We build a healthy foundation through good nutrition and regular exercise. Children learn about safety and gain skills to stay safe.

HOW? Sharing meal times; making outdoor and indoor classroom rules as a class; talking about healthy choices.

We teach children the fundamentals of reading. We help them learn how to communicate with others and to speak in front of peers. We work on reading readiness.

HOW? Practicing pre-reading and phonics with the Zoo-phonics program; sharing group story times and reading activities; offering free time to practice writing skills; including daily letter and word recognition.

We help children discover basic skills for problem solving and learn basic concepts for math, addition, and subtraction.

HOW? Activities in graphing, counting, and games like BINGO. We use toys and everyday materials to learn to count. Cooking activities teach number concepts, too.

The ECC helps children develop fine and gross motor skills, muscle strengthening, and the emotional  benefits of creative expression. We give the children confidence in their abilities

HOW? Riding tricycles, kicking and throwing balls; offering outdoor games and our dance program; cutting out shapes, painting, craft and art projects, learning to hold a pencil.

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL:  We help children learn independence and to be self-sufficient; we guide them to interact positively with peers and teachers, and to understand their feelings and those of others.

HOW? Problem-solving; learning leadership, manners and empathy; offering opportunities to help one another; practicing understanding rules and following directions.

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