I am honored to be starting my third year as Moderator of this vibrant and active church
family.  Our congregation is in the process of emerging from some highly uncertain and
challenging times, with more unknowns still to come.  Thankfully, we are blessed with diligent
staff and devoted volunteers to help us navigate the storms ahead.

Our core beliefs remain strong: we are proudly progressive, believing everyone is on their own
spiritual journey and there are many pathways to God; we strive for social justice for all people,
particularly those who are marginalized and oppressed; we provide a loving and affirming
welcome to the LGBTQ+ community (and have done so for more than 30 years); we follow a
congregational form of governance that allows for discourse and debate; and we engage with
one another to provide a caring and nurturing environment for all.

We acknowledge and accept how much things have changed due to the pandemic while
showing each other as much kindness, care, and compassion as we can. Each of us does their
part to keep IUCC going, whether that be out in front, behind the scenes, or financial (or a
combination of all three!). Everyone has a voice and everyone matters – that’s what makes our
church so special and unique.

We have a wonderful new pastor who works hard every Sunday to provide a thought-provoking
message that uplifts and educates. She brings energy and enthusiasm to every project she
undertakes. Members leave the service filled with faith and hope for the coming week ahead,
and we are strengthened and renewed for life’s journey. Our combined efforts contribute to a
wonderful sense of peace and well-being in a troubled world.

We continue to move forward and adapt because we cannot stand still.  We remain active and
involved, and we are facing the future with hope and optimism!

Tricia Aynes

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