Poinsettias Dedication

Poinsettia Dedications
Tricia Aynes in celebration of the Deacons
Myrna and Lisa Bonan in honor of Josephina Moreno Lugo
Maria Carrillo in honor of Janete Keenan La Montagne
Felicity Figueroa in honor of Family
Alex and Jon Ingal in honor of Daisy “the cutest dog” Ingal
Harley Gimarino in honor of the IUCC family
Steve Goetz in honor of his mother Betty
Martha Mecartney in memory of her parents
Martha and Lyle in celebration of families
Lyle Norton in memory of his parents
Chris Peterson in gratitude for Craig Tyrl
Christine Roy in honor of Katherine Roy
Pat Sauter in love of family
Kathi Smith in memory of her parents and sister
Bob and Peggy Stalter in honor of Dave Mentzer
Cheryl Trobiani in honor of Moms and Dads
Craig Tyrl in celebration of the Deacons!
Jeff Benedick and Duane Vajgrt in honor or their mother Gloria
Heidi Wilcox in memory of Erin Joyce and Danielle Bernard

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