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New Women’s Fellowship book groups forming

Inviting all women! New books, new groups, new discussions! Join the fun!

Sign-ups begin August 1 for new women’s book discussion groups, featuring three new titles to choose from. The 10-week session will begin in September via ZOOM.

All women are invited to join—there will be ample room for all. Come and join the fun with great discussions among new and old women friends, near and far.

Choose one of three groups that will meet weekly:

The selected titles for this fall session are:

Here’s how it works. Send an email to iuccbooks2020@gmail.com [4] listing your full name and your first and second choice for a group: (1) Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm; (2) Friday 1-3pm; (3) Saturday 9-11am. Registration will open August 1 and close on September 1. You will receive an email the first week of September with your assigned group.

A group organizer will be selected for each group from among the registrants. Group organizers handle the logistics: hold the ZOOM account, set up the meetings, send reminders, and so forth. They convene the group, but do not lead every discussion; instead, we have found that shared facilitation works very well.

Group members decide together how to divide their selected book into weekly assignments (such as by chapters or sections), and members rotate the responsibility for facilitating discussions. Those who do not feel comfortable facilitating may decline, but the job is simple, often just a matter of getting the discussion started with an open-ended question or two. A commitment to the group is necessary through faithful attendance, reading the content, joining in the discussion, and respecting others’ opinions and their privacy.

At your first meeting in September, your group organizer will facilitate members to introduce themselves and get acquainted. Then you can reach a consensus on which of the three selected titles your group would like to read and discuss. You will also decide how to assign the weekly facilitation. You are off and running!

During the pandemic shutdown, these discussion groups have become an important spiritual and social bond for IUCC women who have been able to participate. We hope many more of you will join us!

— Lorraine Fox, Laura Long, Marilyn Smith