Mission and Service members visit Global Missions partner Albergue Las Memorias

IUCC’s Vinnie Cooper works her magic.

Mission and Service members journeyed to Tijuana, Mexico, to the Albergue Las Memorias HIV shelter. Their efforts are included in an article written by Stella Perez for Connection Voices, the website for the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ.

“There are many emotions that come about in a typical visit,” wrote Perez.  “On a recent visit, some of us from the Irvine and Tehachapi UCC arrived and offered our usual “spa” day.  We washed feet, rubbed on lotion, and provided massages to residents, beginning with those most ill.  People in the tuberculosis unit nearly always die and sadly, there is about one death per week.  The residents and those of us who visit, try to provide some amount of comfort to the bedridden.  Then we offer up the same acts of service, including facials, to the ambulatory residents and we paint little girls fingernails bright and sparkly.  It is an afternoon of healing touch and joy”

Read the full story: https://www.scncucc.org/voices/2018/08/ucc-conference-church-life/update-on-albergue-las-memorias-hiv-shelter-in-tijuana-mexico/


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