April 6 – Update for staying safe but staying in touch

As we continue to build up our database online, I will continue to use the current email addresses that we have to deliver content and information to MYP families. If you prefer to opt out of receiving emails, no worries — just reply to me individually and I’ll take care of it.

Thank you to everyone that has registered online so far, and here is the link for those who would still like to be added: https://bit.ly/2Ju98KE

Here’s something that you can do at home during Holy Week. Today is “Messy Monday.” I’d love to see how you have fun with these themes and activities, so send over photos and videos: https://www.iucc.org/holy-week-activities/(opens in a new tab)

Also, please follow us on Instagram (@mypiucc) and give us a like on facebook (www.facebook/IUCCMYP).

David Perez (he/him/his)
Director, Ministry with Young Peopl
Email: davidp@iucc
Cell/Text: 847.226.5461

We are an energetic and compassionate group made up of 7th – 12th graders. Our goal is to enhance our experience within the church and outside of the church. By doing community service, engaging in interfaith activities, and walking together on our spiritual journeys, our youth group is constantly evolving.


Sundays: Sunday School takes place during our 11:00 am service. We all participate in the beginning of the service and then move to the youth room for in-depth discussion of the scripture and lesson. After Sunday School, the youth group will either continue the discussion over lunch or embark on an adventure. Some activities in the past have included the Crop Hunger Walk, All-Church Picnics, or visits to other faith communities such as the Pao Fa Buddhist Temple. We are always looking for new ways to give back to our community while exploring what it means to be Christians in today’s world.

During the year: We have five overnights a year where we spend the night at the church to bond and prepare for an event on the following Sunday. In the past we have prepared for a rather successful bake sale, raising $600 for camp scholarships, and led Youth Sundays with varying themes.

We are an open and accepting group that is ever-changing. We invite all youth, between the grades of 7-12 to join us on Sunday to see what we are all about.

David Perez
Director, Ministry With Young People
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Aidan Mitchell
Youth Coordinator
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