For Children

Our Sunday School meets each Sunday at 10 A.M. on Zoom. We’re working toward a hybrid model with the recent opening of our in-person Sunday service.

Kids are invited to learn and enjoy Bible stories through activities that let them explore, speak out, and build relationships with each other and their church community.

If you would like to join in or volunteer, contact Co-Chair Lauren (Email).

For Youth

Normally, 7th-12th grade meets for in-depth discussion of the scripture and lesson and provides opportunities to lead lessons and activities.  During the Covid period we are experimenting with new formats.

For Adults

There are many ways to learn at IUCC! These include discussion groups, videos, panels, book groups, Adult Sunday School, and more.  Recent topics have included a survey of world religions, social justice movements in Christianity, common histories of the UCC and Unitarians, faith and images in art and film, the early development of Christianity, and more. Contact Steve Swope ( to learn more about the opportunities!

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