When: 10:00am

We will take donations at any time. If you want your donation to be utilized the day of the donation, please do your best to have it here by 10am so we can plan for it.


Supply food and/or beverages for consumption during coffee hour

Typical Quantities (add 20% for communion Sundays)

  • Popular Food (ie cookies): 60 to 80 servings
  • All Other Food: 40 to 60 servings
  • Beverages: 1/2 to 3/4 a gallon

Important Notes:

  • To reduce food waste, please make sure you sign up or contact hospitality in advance so your donation can be planned for.
  • Beverages: Please only provide generally liked drinks due to limited fridge space.  
  • Food: Please only provide finger food, individually wrapped food, or food that can easily be set up for self serve (ie mixed cut fruit). If you intend to donate more complex food, like pie or cake where self-serve can turn out messy, please be available or have someone else available to serve or pre-plate that food item.

Step by Step Walk Through:

This process is considered ‘best practice’ and should be changed or adjusted as needed to meet the objective.


Verify Quality

  1. If it is packaged, verify it hasn’t expired
  2. If it is fresh, verify it is still fresh
  3. If it is homemade, verify it hasn’t spoiled/gone bad

Bring Your Donation to Church

  1. Take your donation to Plummer’s Hall and place in the Kitchen or give to someone setting up for coffee hour. Please do not just place it on the coffee hour table yourself.
  2. If you choose to bring your food before first service, make sure it is known that it is for coffee hour (label it – There should be painters tape and sharpies for your use attached to the fridge).
  3. Ideally, bring your donation around 10am. While we will accept donations at any time, if your donation comes after 10am, there is a chance it won’t make it to the table until the second service or the following Sunday.

Take your container(s) home

  1. Due to limited space, please do not expect for your storage containers to stay at the church until the following week.
  2. If you have to leave before the end of second service, feel free to transfer your donation to a tray, or ziplock bags so you can take your container home with you.
  3. We are not responsible for missing containers. Should you leave your container at the church, feel free to look for it the following week and take it home. Typically, we leave non IUCC containers on the counter in Plummer’s Hall.
  4. If your container has been left at IUCC for more than three weeks, we will assume you donated the container and will either put it away with our supplies or donate the container to someone who wants it.

(Optional) Take home leftovers.

  1. While we are happy to use your donation the following week, if there are too many leftovers, we will prioritize new donations over leftovers. Should your leftovers no longer look ‘fresh’, we will donate them to someone else (if possible) otherwise they will be donated to the landfill (not ideal).
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