There will always be a Coffee Hour Representative present for assisting those who are new to hosting.


When: 10:25am to 11:05am and/or 11:55am to 12:20pm



Set up consumables and be a smiling presence during Coffee Hour. Monitor the Coffee Hour table and make adjustments as needed. Politely socialize (if comfortable doing so) with guests while staying behind the table in order to promote community and fellowship. If you have an IUCC event, feel free to advertise about that while people are grabbing their snacks.


Important Notes:

  • You are NOT required to bring food or beverages but you are encouraged to do so.
  • You MUST wear gloves when handling consumables 
  • Wearing a Mask is OPTIONAL, but…If you opt to not wear a mask, please be mindful of those who do and make sure you keep a 6ft distance (take a step back) from these individuals.
  • If someone is blocking the way, polite ask them to relocate away from the table.
  • The kids will maul the candy basket, just ignore them. Leave it up to their parents to regulate them.
  • If someone is struggling with getting food or beverage, consider helping them out.
  • In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, call 911 or designate someone else to do so. Never say “someone call 911” as it will either not get done or be done several times.

Step by Step Walk Through:

This process is considered ‘best practice’ and should be changed or adjusted as needed to meet the objective.


Coffee Hour Host 1st/2nd Service:

  1. Pour about a dozen waters and half a dozen of each other beverage as soon as service ends. Be ready to pour more.
  2. Smile, even if it is under a mask, people can tell. Try to make small talk if you are comfortable doing so, otherwise just let people talk to you.
  3. Monitor the food and beverages and maintain their visual quality (if possible).
  4. Politely ask people to not stand next to the table (to prevent congestion)

Coffee Hour Host in between Services:

  1. Plate Up snacks for 2nd service and choir individuals who need a snack before heading home.
  2. Wipe up the table and make it look nice again
  3. Go to service if you want to OR feel free to help prepare for next week’s coffee hour (filling up water pitcher and place back in the fridge, fill up the creamers, etc). 
  4. Either sneak out after the sermon or be the first out after service ends (if you are hosting 2nd service coffee hour) and pour half as many beverages as you did for first service.
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