There will always be a Coffee Hour Representative to assist with those new to clean up.


When: 12:25pm to 12:50pm 



Disassemble Coffee Hour and make sure it is ready for next week.


Important Notes:

  • Focus on moving things from the coffee hour table to the kitchen first so the Deacons can put the tables away.
  • Do NOT dump anything larger than liquid (ie, coffee grounds) down the drain. The pipes very easily clog, resulting in water backing up. 
  • You can take home any perishables that you want (reduce future food waste).
  • Use gloves to handle all consumables that will be used for a future coffee hour. 
  • Do not use soap to clean the urn. You risk flavoring the internal stains and people will notice.


Step by Step Walk Through:

This process is considered ‘best practice’ and should be changed or adjusted as needed to meet the objective.


  1. Load the coffee table to one cart and the snack table to the other cart.
  2. Wipe down the tables, remove the table clips, and fold the tablecloths.
  3. Push the carts into Plummer’s Hall and start putting things away.
  4. Dump coffee grounds in the food waste bin, not the sink.
  5. Wrap any food that can be reused and place in the fridge.
  6. Turn off the ice machine
  7. Dump out the coffee urns and rinse out well (DO NOT USE SOAP). Dump out all the water, give it a good shake, and then store under the sink with their lid, rod, and basket (clean those first before putting in the urn). Do not shut the lid on it or it wont air dry. The lid will fit sideways (hot water can have the list on top.
  8. Open up the cabinets and put things away (you will be shown where stuff goes).
  9. Place packaged items on top of the fridge
  10. Place coffee condiments and decorations on the counter but do not block the thermostat.
  11. When done, dry the counters, turn off the light, shut the curtain.
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