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Coffee hour is a great way to give back to IUCC as well as provides a medium to start a conversation with someone new (if you choose to). One size does not fit all, so we gratefully will take the assistance you are willing to give. You can help set up coffee hour (you will never be asked to attend the coffee due to possible burn risks), you can donate food/beverages, or help with the cleanup. If you want to be a super star, you can always HOST, where you will put on a smile and warmly greet people as they get a post service snack.


What will you be doing exactly (Click for more Information)?

Coffee Hour Host – You will be standing/sitting behind the coffee hour table greeting individuals.

Coffee Hour Setup – You would help place items on the coffee hour tables and arrange them.

Coffee Hour Cleanup – You will load the coffee hour carts and put things away.

Food/Beverage Donations – You will drop off single serve food or beverage of your choice.




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