Learn more about Critical Race Theory Sunday

Dr. Jessica Alabi

Do you wonder what “Critical Race Theory” really is and what the fuss is all about? Have you heard someone criticize Ethnic Studies as divisive or unnecessary? Then Diversity & Inclusion’s next speaker is for you! Dr. Jessica Ayo Alabi, Chair of the Department of Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, and Social Justice Studies at Orange Coast College will explain the importance of Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Theory – not only for California college students, but for an understanding of contemporary American politics and society.

Join the Diversity & Inclusion Ministry to hear Dr. Alabi address this important topic: Sunday, Oct. 24 meeting – 12:30 p.m. on Zoom Meeting ID: 896 7601 8207; Passcode: 051767

This interactive presentation is designed to address the following questions and topics:

• What does Ethnic Studies entail, and why is it important as an integral part of pre-collegiate and collegiate education?

• CSU and Community College Ethnic Studies Requirements.

• What are the reasons people are either in favor of or against Ethnic Studies?

• Discussion of pros and cons of Ethnic Studies.

• What is Critical Race Theory?

• How do we challenge the resistance to Critical Race Theory?

• Possible arguments or strategies in support of Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Theory that one can use in reaching out to School Boards and elected representatives.

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