Join in singing the Gathering Song

If you have seen our IUCC Chancel Choir members sing the Gathering Song, you know what a “Virtual Choir” looks like.

Director of Music Chris Peterson would like to invite anyone (not just the choir) to be part of this if they want. “I am adding faces each week, and the deadline for a Sunday service is Monday at noon.”

That seems like a lot of time, but it is one of many things scheduled for the week, and our deadline for Sunday media to be ready is Thursday morning. Let Chris Peterson know if you have any questions. Instructions in a nut-shell:

  1. Play the piano recording through headphones. Click here.
  2. Video yourself singing with a phone or camera so that we hear your voice, and see your face, but we don’t hear the piano.
  3. Keep your head and upper body in the main part of the shot, like the picture above – if using a cellphone to record, hold it sideways.
  4. Send it to Chris Peterson, Director of Music (

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