Homemade Ice Cream Social & No Talent, Talent Show

Join us for a fun-filled evening with delicious desserts and entertainment too. IUCC is blessed with so much first class talent, and tonight you will not be seeing any of it. In fact, this night is dedicated to our. . . well . . . less talented folks who are willing to put themselves to the task of entertainment that we celebrate tonight! So we encourage those of you who play the kazoo or have nothing in mind that we are hoping to cast. IN FACT. . . IF you are willing to put yourself into Fellowship Ministry’s trustful hands, we will cast you into an act compatible to you and will help you to shine like the star you are!

Sign up and we will have the home made ice cream chilling when you get here! A wonderful night of Fun, Fellowship and Hilarious Entertainment for all ages from some of the most courageous members you may ever know!

Example: Them/They/He/Him/His/She/Her/Hers
All you need to do is bring yourself but bringing a dessert to share would be greatly appreciated. Please label anything you do not want donated to the church (like serving spoons, baking dishes, etc).
Remember, this is a No Talent, Talent show. This means you get the opportunity to show off a talent that isn't quite there. Be proud of what you do, even if it isn't the best. If you are not sure what your 'No Talent' is, just tell me you would like to participate and I will be happy to help you discover something new!
We hope everyone has a great time and everything goes smooth but sometimes details just fall through the cracks. If something isn't clear, or you think we have overlooked something, let us know!

Sponsored by IUCC Fellowship Ministry

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