Expand your circle: Sign up for a Bon Vivant Dinner

The IUCC Fellowship Ministry invites you to sign up for Bon Vivant Dinners. These informal dinners are a great way to get to know others from IUCC whether you’re a  new or longtime member or visitor.

Dinners are hosted, often by members of the Fellowship Ministry or other IUCC leaders, with the host assigning dishes or beverages to bring to everyone who signs up. Dinners are held once a month on the last Saturday of the month.

Bon Vivants are designed to be social events with an emphasis on providing a way for IUCC members, visitors and friends to learn more about each other in a casual setting. That’s why they’re called “Bon Vivants.” It means a person (or people) who enjoy a sociable lifestyle. The monthly dinners have also been called “Dinners for Eight” but the name was changed back to the original designation to avoid setting a specific number of participants.

Look for the sign-up sheet on the patio each Sunday.

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