With this Embracing the Future campaign, IUCC is undertaking a capital campaign to build the master plan’s first phase that will begin to transform this campus in important and enabling ways. Naming opportunities are available at the below giving levels. Additional opportunities (at lower giving levels) may also become available. If you are interested in any of the below naming opportunities, please contact Anne Rosse at capitalcampaign@iucc.org.

A plaque will be emplaced at a suitable location near, but not necessarily upon, the designated room/area with an inscription of no more than 10 words that honors or remembers the individual(s) for whom the room/area is named, or that expresses spiritual or religious sentiment. All namings and plaque inscription are subject to approval by the IUCC Administration Board.

Plaque inscription examples:

The Alan Green Meeting Room
A congregational founder who sought to walk humbly with God

The Rachel Brown Meeting Room
In loving memory of our beloved mother and grandmother

In addition to the plaque, IUCC would maintain in its archives, including on its website, a biography and remembrance of the honoree(s).  The remembrance could include words about how the named element reflects the honoree(s)’ values and spirit.

Naming OpportunityApproximate Area (sq. ft.)Giving Level
Admin Building4065$1,500,000
Patio/Fellowship Area$200,000
Combined Meeting Rooms*1417$150,000
Front Screen Wall$100,000
Meeting Room #1428$75,000
Meeting Room #2322$70,000
Meeting Room #3354$75,000
Meeting Room #4313$70,000
Pastor's Office267$50,000
Pastor's Patio355$50,000
Coffee Corner100$50,000