Coffee hour is back!

Join your fellow congregants for refreshments on the patio after each service. It’s OK to come early for the 11 a.m. service to get to know or reacquaint yourself with people attending the 9:30 service. There’s plenty of room on the patio.

Did you just get more excited for Sundays? In order to keep coffee hour exciting, we need your assistance! Please consider volunteering to host, donate food/beverages, or assist with clean up. Details can be found at

Coffee hour hosting is a great way to introduce ministries, comma groups and book groups to the rest of the congregation. It’s always easier when you can share set up, clean up and treat making or buying with others!

To reduce the spread of germs, please make sure to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer (provided), or gloves (provided) prior to enjoying a beverage or a snack. While CoViD is not a foodborne illness, it can be spread airborne so please be mindful of how close you stand to others while actively consuming your treats!

*In the event of rain or other events that prevent outdoor gatherings, coffee hour will be cancelled that day.*

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