Chili Cookoff Potluck

Grab your pot and spices as it is time for another Chili Cookoff Potluck! After a busy day at the Advent Workshop, followed by an exhausting Snow Play, everyone will be looking forward to sampling and voting on what chili taste best! The chili cookoff is a friendly competition that brings everyone together to connect before listening to a Holly Jolly Concert at 7pm.

Scroll towards the bottom if you would like to register your chili for the chili cookoff!

If chili making is not your thing? BRING A SIDE! No sign up is needed but please bring your side around 430pm and label your serving utensil!

How Voting Will Work This Year

When you sample the chili, do not dispose of your 2oz sample cup. Each cup will have a letter on it. Once you have decided what the winning letter is, locate the ‘VOTE HERE’ sign. There will be a person with a clipboard. Tell them or show them the letter you want to win, and they will tally it. Please do not vote more than once. To prevent complications, all votes are final, and we will not accept a change in vote for any reason. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello Chili connoisseurs!

While last year’s chili cookoff was fun, there were many lessons learned. I hope to make this year’s cookoff smoother and part of that is to follow a few guidelines AND to sign up!

Chili Cookoff, how it is expected to work (may change as needed)

  • To make sure everyone gets to sample your chili, you are encouraged to make at least 6 quarts of chili (Large crockpot) as the chili this year will be served in 2oz cups filled 75% full. This means that each chili should have roughly 120 servings. After everyone has sampled the chilis, there will be bowls put out for larger portions at the very very end.


  • Try to be fair. Don’t advertise your chili online, or brag about it with your peers. If you see someone doing this, just politely remind them not to and remember that this is a friendly competition and the goal is to let people sample your chili, not to win (even though winning is fun)


  • Drop your Chili off in Plummer’s Hall Counter and tape the proper label to the front of your chili. You will be emailed your assigned alphabetical letter. If you need special accommodation, track down either Jon or Alex Ingal as these are the only two people who will know whose chili is what.


  • By signing up in advanced, we will have a sign made in advance for your chili. If you don’t want to sign up in advance, that is fine but this means we will have to use a sharpie to generate your sign and a typed sign looks better so sign up! It will make announcing you as the winner much easier if we know whose chili is who.


  • We cannot guarantee that your chili will be hot when people sample it. There are outlets in Plummers Hall but those are limited and depending on the setup, your chili might not be plugged in at the time of serving.


  • Please take your chili container home December 3rd. If you forget, I will be placing plastic and foil over your container to keep out the bugs. Don’t want to waste plastic and foil? Set a reminder on your phone to take your container home before you go home on December 3rd.

Use the below form to sign up! Below that is an example of the signs for the Chili Cookoff.

This is needed so, if your chili letter wins, we can quickly announce the winner instead of trying to match a person to their container.
This is where we will email you your assigned chili Letter. You will see this email on November 29th. If you do not, please contact us and we will resend it or ask us which letter is yours when you drop off your chili on December 3rd.
Do not use your name in your Chili's name and keep your chili's name child friendly. If you are not creative, just name your chili by what is found inside of it.
This is optional but recommended. You should at minimum note any allergy/spice concerns (like contains nuts/dairy) but you can be cute and creative here. Just keep it short.
While we hope to have a smooth event, nothing goes perfect and your suggestion could save the day. Please provide feedback and if you are wondering how something is going to work, feel free to ask. Thank you for your participation in the Chili Cookoff!

This is an example of the signs (using the wordage from the sign up sheet example).

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